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high energy funky grooves that entertain and educate! 

"Still our favorite children's entertainer!"

 Grace Shea, co-owner, Lebanese Taverna

"Groovy Nate's the perfect entertainer for the younger set as well as their parents."-- Marsha Lederman, Co-President, Lubber Run Amphitheater Foundation

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​Groovy Nate® is a children’s entertainer, and Teaching Artist who creates fun and educational shows using funky grooves, exotic musical instruments, and comedy— a la Sesame Street meets Parliament/Funkadelic.

"Groovy Nate is the consummate performer!” 

-Kate Bryer, Associate Artistic  Director, Imagination Stage 

Grammy Nominated with the One Tribe Collective!!!!!!!!

“The children love Groovy Nate!”

    -Diane Thomas– Director of  Taney KinderCare Learning Center

           Fun, entertaining, & engaging for all ages!   

            -Joe Ann Stenstrom, Assistant Agency Manager, Rockville Memorial Library

"Groovy Nate is fun, up-beat, and original. Kids LOVE him!"

-Becky Wolford Thompson, Cox Farms