Groovy Nate’s Fun in FUNk Music Movement Class:

Take an imaginary field trip with Groovy Nate on a “club-hopping” musical journey, filled with funky grooves that entertain and educate! Get ready to groove, shake, and have fun with a delightful blend of energetic beats and creative movement! 

Groovy Nate’s Fun in FUNk encourages self-expression and body awareness through fun and imaginative activities. Children will learn funky dance steps, explore different music styles like funk, house, Afro-Beat, and unleash their inner dance stars while boosting their coordination and motor skills.  In addition, participants will play music and movement games, as well as use body percussion and play simple percussion instruments

Check out Groovy Nate’s Fun in FUNk music and movement experience, where laughter, funky rhythms, and groovy moves combine to create a memorable experience that will leave you skipping in step and a smile on your face!  In-person or virtual, Pre-K to 2nd Grade.

- Lauren Harris 

Owner, Director of  Little Ambassador’s Academy

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Inside the Music: Meet Groovy Nate Teacher Training Workshop

Get ready to embark on a transformative journey where learning meets funky grooves that entertain and educate!  In this 90-minute, in-person or virtual workshop, Groovy Nate takes educators on an inside exploration of his music. Break free from conventional boundaries and explore innovative teaching techniques through the lens of funk and creativity. Engage in interactive sessions where you collaborate with fellow educators and:

  • Learn the genres of music that appear in Nate's music:  Funk, Reggae, Afro-Beat, Hip-Hop, and Go-Go. 
  • Use Groovy Nate’s songs as teaching tools by altering the lyrics to fit curriculum standards (to include, but not limited to, making rhymes, teaching shapes, STEM standards of learning).
  • Discover how incorporating music, songwriting, rhythmic chants, and creative movement can engage students and enhance their learning experience.
  • Build your own groovy toolkit, from a treasure trove of ideas, resources, to infuse your teaching with fun and creativity. 

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Play. Imagination. Teamwork. Creative Expression. Self-Esteem. Community.

These are just a few of the benefits of music and arts integration in the classroom!

And it’s not just for students. Music integration provides teachers with tools for classroom management, ensuring smoother transitions and setting the tone for work and play. Music enhances curriculum and offers teachers creative ways to teach new skills and concepts.

Explore Groovy Nate's classes and bring the power and fun of music to your classroom!

“His skill with classroom management goes unparalleled!”

Classes and Workshops

high energy funky grooves that entertain and educate! 

Groovy Classic Tales Production

Participants will explore music, movement, and imaginative play to create and perform an age and skill appropriate production of a classic children’s story.

Groovy Nate will collaborate and guide participants in selecting percussion instruments that will represent each character, and sounds for the action scenes.

Participants will create funky chants, play percussion instruments, use props, and costumes to produce a comical rendition of a classic tale with a child inspired alternative ending. 

Tales include but not limited to: The Ginger Bread Man, Jack and the Beanstalk, and the 3 Little Pigs.  In-person or virtual, grades Kindergarten to 3rd Grade.