high energy funky grooves that entertain and educate! 


We understand the importance music plays in children’s development and its critical role in the process of "wiring" a young child's brain.  We know that all children learn by watching, listening and especially doing. It is our responsibility to develop and design music programs that will foster a larger movement of change necessary for all children to live in a safe and inclusive society.  We need community control over what our children listen to musically every day, which is a very important tool toward self-development and cultural awareness.

At WEE Nation Radio, we provide age-appropriate family music that you and your child will love, which culturally affirms and nurtures our future generation. And, you do not have to rush to change the channel because of the negative content. 

WEE Nation aka Watoto Entertainment and Education, keeps the education of children and our future generation as our primary focus, as Watoto is the Swahili (African) word for "Children!"